Where there is wind, there is Windsurf and the Cabedelo beach offers excellent conditions for this practice. Between Moledo and Esposende, the scenery’s diversity is impressive, as well as the wind’s intensity throughout the route, offering excellent conditions both to the most experienced and to the navigation’s adventurers.


At FeelViana Sports Center, you will find a varied selection of equipment to practise Windsurf, which will ensure both your fun and safety. And for those who wish to make their first steps in this modality, we will provide training, both to children and adults.

Equipment Hire

Experienced windsurfers can hire our equipment, according to their practise level and to the wind conditions, or simply try something different. The advantage is that you do not need the hassle of transporting your equipment.

The monitoring and advice in regards to the conditions and practise of the modality will always be provided by our instructors.

Book now, in advance, and explore our extraordinary seashore!
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