Sports Center

Winter (September to May)
Monday to Sunday
08:30 - 19:00

Summer (June to August)
Monday to Sunday
08:30 - 21:00

Dedicated to the active and well-being tourism, the FeelViana Sports Center makes the most out of the exceptional natural resources of Viana do Castelo (sea, river and mountain) and invites you to practice nautical and inland sports activities.

There is a variety of choices that are ideal both for experienced athletes and for beginners of any of those activities, who will have the support from a high calibre training team and access to the most suitable equipment.

The Sports Center support area has fully equipped shower rooms, with 48 ventilated lockers with padlocks to store and dry suits, boards and other equipment. These lockers can be hired for 10€/day.

Viana Surf Shop

Integrated in the Sports Center, at the Viana Surf shop you can find all the equipment and accessories required to practise these activities.


Emotion and adrenalin throughout the year. Over 400 km of tracks that go through mountains, the river, roads and the shore of our beaches.

Try it, enjoy and take up the challenge. Our team provides everything you need, from selecting the track, the most suitable bicycle, the required equipment - or will even organise small groups where you can be integrated.

For those who are inseparable from their bicycles, we suggest supplementary services such as washing, assembling, tours and technical support, as well as reception and bicycle delivery via a transport company.

Repair service

At FeelViana Sports Center we also have an equipped workshop where you can leave your bicycle for simple repair and maintenance services, such as the mechanical repair of parts and simple servicing (adjustments, cleaning and lubrication). Contact us!


With extraordinary natural resources, the Cabedelo beach is becoming a reference location for practising Kitesurf. It is, no doubt, one of the most emblematic beaches to practise this modality.


People who already practise kitesurf will feel the call immediately. For everyone else, it will be the wish to discover and experiment. Everybody will be guaranteed emotion and adventure, freedom and challenges.

At the Sports Center you can count on the reliability and competence of our instructors, as well as to access the best equipment from the most internationally renowned brand, Cabrinha, with whom we work.

You will have everything you need to live a new challenging experience and to enjoy a memorable adventure-packed holiday.

Come and meet us!

Stand Up Paddle

Standing on a board that is both wider and longer than a surf board, you will find your balance with the help of a paddle, and will work your muscles, while enjoying your surroundings and exploring waterways in the sea, lake or river.
Also known as SUP, Stand Up Paddle is one of the best ways to practise sports, it is ideal for all ages, whether you have a good or not so good fitness level.

Standing on a board that is both wider and longer than a surf board, you will find your balance with the help of a paddle, and will work your muscles, while enjoying your surroundings and exploring waterways in the sea, lake or river.

SUP is a great way to spend your time and have fun with your friends or family, and to enjoy the scenery and socialise from a totally new perspective.

Our team at FeelViana Sports Center looks forward to your visit and will provide you with everything you need to start your adventure.


Where there is wind, there is Windsurf and the Cabedelo beach offers excellent conditions for this practice. Between Moledo and Esposende, the scenery’s diversity is impressive, as well as the wind’s intensity throughout the route, offering excellent conditions both to the most experienced and to the navigation’s adventurers.

At FeelViana Sports Center, you will find a varied selection of equipment to practise Windsurf, which will ensure both your fun and safety. And for those who wish to make their first steps in this modality, we will provide training, both to children and adults.

Surf and Bodyboard

The Cabedelo beach speaks by itself: it is one of the great references for practising surf in Northern Portugal.

Its features will not go unnoticed to anyone and you will feel the temptation to promptly venture the sea. When that happens, we will have everything you need to seize that moment.

All you need is to feel the instinct and we will provide all the rest at FeelViana Sports Center.

Wake Park

FeelViana Wake Park is the first infrastructure of its kind in Alto Minho, located next to Cabedelo Beach, on the left bank of the Lima River. Not only brings two new nautical activities to Viana do Castelo: Wakeboard and Wakesurf, but also provides initiation classes to Windsurf and the possibility to practice Stand up Paddle. Besides all this, it has a Food & Drink space, with a wide terrace and a comfortable seating area right next to the Outdoor Activities Support Zone.
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