Quality Policy

Quality Policy

FEELVIANA is a strong brand that aims to continue to grow and develop new projects that bring energy, reverence and innovation to the city and the region.

FEELVIANA is committed to environmentally sustainable practices and the preservation of the environment, which reinforces its socio-economic dimension and the need to be a socially responsible organization, involved with general interest and sustainable growth principles.
Management is committed to adopting a socially responsible and ethical management model, with permanent consideration for economic, social and environmental issues.

Keeping true to the goal set from the start of the company, FEELVIANA aims to:

• Provide quality service to CLIENTS, transforming our service into differentiating and innovative experiences, provided by an attentive and passionate team, thus creating economic and social value;
• Promote continuous improvement, always taking CUSTOMER satisfaction and the respect for the environment into consideration;
• Ensure the quality and excellence of the service provided, through constant innovation, training, motivation and professional development of the EMPLOYEES and also by promoting ethical information, social responsibility and workplace health and safety good practices;
• Add value to the company, reassuring the PARTNERS that their actions are valued in a sustained and continuous way;
• Study, control and, whenever possible, MINIMIZE PROFESSIONAL HAZARD, promoting safety and the prevention of injuries, wounds and health problems
• Create jobs in the region and promote the DEVELOPMENT OF SKILLS.

FEELVIANA commits to comply with all legal requirements applicable to its activity and to continuously improve the quality of service provided, of safety and health good practices, involving all interested parties and respecting the principles of social responsibility, with the definition, approval, implementation and periodic review of Quality objectives and goals.

Viana do Castelo, March 16th 2020

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