Personal Trainer
Personal Trainer
Personal Trainer
Personal Trainer
Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer

Exclusive work out which consists of personalized support from a professional trainer. Work out safely and with motivation and optimize your time and results. This specialized monitoring will help you become autonomous and set realistic yet increasingly ambitious goals.

 Can anyone have a Personal Trainer
Hiring a personal trainer is accessible to anyone with different levels of experience. Sessions include an exclusive personal trainer who will adapt the exercises according to your level.

To arrange together with the personal trainer.

Class length
An hour (approximately). 

Access to all equipment and machines available at the gym;
First lesson fitness and skills assessment;
Towel and access to the changing room and showers;
Access to the Spa (indoor swimming pool with jets, sauna and steam bath.

Any physical or health issues must be addressed with the instructor prior to the first session.   

1 Session - 60€ | 2 Sessions - 108€ | 4 Sessions - 216€ | 8 Sessions - 422€
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