Our Story

Our Story

It all started with the passion for the sea, for adventure, nature and for a healthy lifestyle, what necessarily includes sports.

The story of Feelviana starts in Cabedelo and it cannot be told without introducing the person who first imagined a hotel where Feelviana stands today. Some years ago, while riding the windy sky of Cabedelo, the dream, the desire, of watching the rise of a hotel at the beach where the lovers of action and nature could practise their favourite sports, was born. The goal would be to offer a more comfortable and relaxed setting for families, children and groups of friends.

Ten years later, the dream came true in the form of Feelviana. Sturdy, yet discreet the building blends in with the landscape. All “dressed” in wood, when seen from the Santa Luzia Sanctuary, the hotel can’t be spotted as pine trees help camouflage.

In May 10th 2017, with the presence of Secretary of State of Economy and the Secretary of State of Tourism, the first Portuguese Sports Hotel opened its doors, representing more than a concept, a lifestyle. A coherent and consistent project because it was thought and built with the head and the heart of the person who made it to live it and who has travelled the world pursuing this kind of magic and has found in Cabedelo the “perfect Spot”.

The Feelviana Sport Hotel has brought to the quiet city of Viana do Castelo the dynamics long sought after. This business, that started as a hotel, is a strong and growing brand, developing new projects that bring dynamics and irreverence to the city and the region – always assuming a sustainable commitment to the environment.

We are proud of being a brand that contributes to helping Viana do Castelo grow as a reference for active and nature tourism what reinforces our rooted nautical tradition.

The Feelviana is a beautiful life story of Jose Sampaio’s personal commitment to the project. Our CEO’s dream is now available to everyone who shares his passion for the Wind, Sea, Land and life.

José Sampaio, Co-Owner & CEO

José Sampaio was born in Guimarães, in 1978. With a degree in management and an entrepreneurial spirit, Ex-CEO of FeelDouro, a nautical tourism company in the Douro River, and FeelViana, a hotel launched in May 2017 at Cabedelo beach in Viana do Castelo, the first sports Hotel in Portugal.

In love with sports and a sportsman from an early age, José Sampaio is a driven dreamer who enjoys challenges and to outdo himself. His dream came true with this most recent project.

In 2012 he was responsible for launching the Douro Marina, in Afurada, where he was sales manager from 2010 until 2014.

Carlos Palhares, Co-Owner & Managing Director

Started his career in 1995, in the automotive industry, and hasn’t stopped since. In mid-2004, he started his journey as an entrepreneur at Suleve and started a new project in 2009 - Mecwide. In 2016 he established MUB CARGO, based in Braga’s innovation hub - Startup Braga. Throughout his career, Carlos Palhares received several distinctions, such as being chosen as a “role model”  by Porto’s City Council project "Porto de Futuro” (2010), he was one of the 4 finalists to be awarded the Entrepreneuria/ Award by the AMBA (Association of MBA'S) in London (2012), he received the title of Successful Businessperson from Viana do Castelo (Empresário Vianense de Sucesso) in 2017 and was awarded the Porto Business School / Alumni Revelations Award  in 2017. Challenged by his friend and surf buddy José Sampaio, in 2020 he embarked on a new adventure: to belong to FeelViana Sport Hotel’s administration.

Carlos Palhares has a degree in Industrial Instrumentation Engineering, an MBA and other business and management courses from the Porto Business School, CWC Energy in London, IMD in Switzerland and IE in Madrid.

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