I-Motion EMS
I-Motion EMS
I-Motion EMS
I-Motion EMS
I-Motion EMS

I-Motion EMS

I-Motion EMS is a training device that allows the simultaneous electrostimulation of over 300 muscles and major muscle groups by using sequential pulses.

EMS stimulates muscles seldom worked with conventional work outs through the use of software controlled electrodes and Bluetooth technology.  Thanks to its precision, EMS reduces human error and allows you to choose different treatments according to your needs: fitness, toning, slimming or functional recovery. This training will also help you build muscle, detox, it improves blood flow, increases cardio work out and decreases swelling.

Can anyone use I-Motion EMS
I-Motion sessions are suited for people with different levels of experience and fitness. The sessions are accompanied by a personal trainer who will adapt the exercises according to your level.

To arrange together with the personal trainer.

Class length
30 minutes (approximately). 

I-Motion EMS equipment;
First lesson fitness and skills assessment;
Towel and access to the changing room and showers;
Access to the Spa (indoor swimming pool with jets, sauna and steam bath).

Any physical or health issues must be addressed with the instructor prior to the first session.  

1 Session - 45€ | 2 Sessions - 85€ | 4 Sessions - 160€ | 8 Sessions - 300€


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