The Cabedelo beach has a worldwide reputation for being one of the world’s best windsurfing spots. The fact that it hosted the 2018 Windsurfing World Championship is proof of that. Organized by the Professional Windsurfers Association (PWA), this competition brought to Viana do Castelo some of the best know windsurfers in the world.

 Due to its features, the Cabedelo beach is an excellent spot for all levels (beginner, intermediate or advanced). This beach has three distinct areas: one, by the peer, more protected and with flat water; another, in front of the FeelViana beach bar, with side shore wind and finally, south from the bay, a third area with on shore wind.

 At FeelViana’s Wake Park you will find our Windsurfing School, for children and teens up to 16 years old. Here, on the Lima River, we have the perfect setting to get you started with this sport, away from the crowds and with the help of our certified instructors.

 The wind season is from end April until end September, with consistent wind that benefits from thermal effect, what considerably increases its velocity, comparing with forecasts. Wind usually starts at 12h00 and blows until sunset with a northwest direction, 16 to 35 knots speed. From May to September the average speed between 12h00 and 18h00, is of 25 knots.
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