With a coastline stretching for around 943 km and perfect conditions all year round, Portugal has singular features that makes it one of the most sought after destinations for those who want to Surf. In Viana do Castelo, in the north of Portugal, you will find desert beaches and waves you don’t have to share with a crowd.

Just 200 meters away from the FeelViana Hotel, the Praia do Cabedelo has natural characteristics that turn it into the perfect spot, no matter you level. This beach has three distinct spots, one more protected, next to the peer, another for an intermediate level, in front of our Water Center and finally, south of the bay, a more exposed area and usually where you will find bigger waves.

The best conditions for beginners are in the morning, next to the peer, while more experienced surfers can enjoy more challenging rides, just some meters away.

Here you can surf all year round, avoiding the afternoon wind by surfing in the morning or late afternoon.
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