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Mountain Cycling Tours
Mountain Cycling Tours
Mountain Cycling Tours
Mountain Cycling Tours

Mountain Cycling Tours

Our mountain cycling tours are perfect for anyone over 12 years old and who is looking for adrenaline and to enjoy the great outdoors while exercising.
 In the region, we have beginner level tours by the sea or more challenging options along mountain paths. The tours usually start at FeelViana but, depending on the chosen tour, they can start somewhere else, and in that case the hotel will arrange for the transfer.
Tours Include
Bicycle, guide, water, helmet, air pump and flat tire repair kit.
Weather conditions;
Any physical or health issues must be addressed with the guide prior to the tour;
Bookings are upon availability;
Cancelations must be made 48 hours in advance.
2 hour Tours- 45€ p/person
3-4 hour Tours - 60€ p/ person
3-4 hours Enduro Tour - 75€ p/person
3-4 hours Enduro Carbon Tour - 90€ p/person

For further information and bookings contact us:

E-mail: sportscenter@feelviana.com | Phone: +351 258 249 841

10 - Santa Luzia

Go for this challenging and rewarding route. At the end of the initial 3km climb, start by enjoying the outstanding view over the city. Then, head towards Santa Luzia Mount and stroll in the nature, in the company of wild horses and stunning views over the Atlantic Ocean. Aſterwards, go down in the direction of Afife, to Arda Beach (excellent spot for surfing) and then continue to Viana along the Coast Ecovia. For the grand finale, stop in the city of Viana do Castelo and enjoy the famous doughnuts (Bolas de Berlim) by Manel Natário, a tiny little sin in this itinerary…

11 - Top of Viana do Castelo

Enjoy a tour which will allow you to reach the highest point of Santa Luzia Mount – 445 metres. The 360º view is unique, amazing, the city’s exlibris. And aſter a great ascent, a great descent .... That's right: head downwards to Areosa and test your soſt downhill skills for 6 km of adrenaline. Come back by the sea, the calm will be restored.

12 - Ecovia do Atlântico

Enjoy this coastal tour and cycle along some of the most beautiful beaches of the region. Going north, this route, which is mostly flat, leads to the mouth of the Minho River and the Camarido Pine wood in Caminha where the Ínsua island guards the sunsets and the coast. This small, rocky island is home to a fort and a well, one of the three in the world that is in an island, in the sea and is freshwater. On our way back, have a breack in the beautiful fishermen's town of Vila Praia de Âncora where you have plenty of choices for a cup of coffee or a meal by the sea.

13 - Lima Riverbanks

One of the most interesting routes of the Lima River. Go to Ponte de Lima town, on the south bank, and enjoy all the wonders of this charming town. Great place to go on a relaxed tour to get to know the oldest Portuguese town, with all its rich culture and gastronomy. Come back along Lima north bank and stop at the Bertiandos Lagoons, an area considered protected landscape that is part of the national ecological reserve.

14 - Mountain for Beginners

The beginner tours is perfect for those starting to explore MTB. This tour is mostly along the "Ecovia do Atlântico", a wooden lane by the coast with the most beautiful landscapes the region has to offer. After going through the coast and mountains, about 15 km distance, the Neiva River and the modern architecture of its bridge stand outs. While riding along the river banks, enjoy the unique fauna and flora.

15 - Chã Lagoons

In addition to the fertile soil where the famous Vinho Verde Loureiro is produced, the Encosta do Outeiro (Outeiro Hill) offers an ideal setting for bike rides. Get to know these unpaved roads and go through stages that are part of the “Rally de Portugal” competition. Route mostly composed by old dirt roads, going through the Chã Lagoons, with its imposing cypresses. This itinerary ends with a single track, with moments of pure adrenaline.

16 - Over the Atlantic

There is an ocean that embraces Viana. This is a tour with medium intensity, along the slopes north of Viana, in the localities of Areosa-Carreço-Afife-Âncora, with a privileged view over the sea. A half uphill route, in the middle of a green and sheltered landscape, with some nice viewpoints along the way.

17 - Mountain for beginners

Tour starting at the mouth of the Lima River, by the Atlantic Sea, and along the coast. Heading south, the route passes through small fishermen's villages and as the tour moves away from the coast, the first climbs starts. With a maximum height of 170 meters, the tour passes through several single tracks along the banks of the Neiva River and across the Barreiras man-made lagoons, a site for the extraction of kaolin/white clay.

18 - São Lourenço tree nurseries

This trail is only for a few. It begins with a 20km warm-up along the Lima River, with no slopes. From Lanheses, you will go up towards São Lourenço, an area of low vegetation with a high level of difficulty (6km climb). As a prize for the effort, you will reach the tree nurseries of São Lourenço da Montaria: crystal clear waters, refreshing environment, perfect for a short break. Continue through the mountains along the pilgrims’ trail and divert again towards the valley of Âncora River with Vila Praia de Âncora and the sea on the horizon. Return to FeelViana, going down Perre. If at the end you are in need of a good recovery massage, we suggest a visit to FeelViana Spa ... you will feel better than ever!

19 - Minho River and Spain on the horizon

Pass through the Bread Museum in Outeiro and climb to the chapel of Lugar de Vilares. This is a route with plenty of threes, mixed grounds and medium/high grade climbs. Go down to Ponte de Saim and have a good rest at the fresh water spring. Head to Senhora das Neves and once at the top, enjoy the reward: a magnificent view over the Minho River and neighbouring Spain. Rest (but not too much!) and follow the unpaved roads half uphill to the chapel of São Pedro de Varais. The last stage goes to the chapel of Senhora da Cabeça, while the way back is made along the rails of Santiago de Compostela.

20 - All Mountain Santa Luzia

The Santa Luzia Mountain route is a technical option, ideal for those who enjoy a rush of adrenaline while riding one of our e-bikes. Get ready for ups and downs along stunning lush green trails and gravel, perfect for fast descents. Along around 40 km we never get too far from Santa luzia, but will still have plenty of stories to tell, like the encounters with wild Garrano breed horses that graze freely in the surrounding mountains.

21 - Senhora do Minho

This mountain is a Viana do Castelo classic, its highest point being a privileged place to test limits. Departing from near Lima, we climb up to Cerquido, a quiet and picturesque village in Serra d'Arga, with agriculture, traditional sheep-farming and extremely kind people. The trail that goes up to Senhora do Minho is a passageway used by many generations to take the cattle to the pasture at the top of the mountain, with stones worn out by years and years of ox carts and tired feet climbing them. The descent from Senhora do Minho to São Lourenço da Montaria is quick. Let's stop for a local cured ham snack. Now it's time to go back, it's only a few kilometers leſt to finally give some rest to the legs...
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