At a time when we are all asked an individual effort to comply with rules and norms, the FeelViana Sport Hotel and staff, as a group, make a promise to friends, guests and clients. Located in Viana do Castelo, a coastal town in the north of Portugal, with under 40 000 inhabitants, the FeelViana Hotel is an extension of the best this town and region have to offer. In a relaxing setting, nestled next to the Cabedelo pinewood and beach, FeelViana is a truly unique place. This is our pledge:
we promise…

- history, culture and heritage to discover alone or accompanied;
- friendly and hospitable people;
- lush green mountains for walks and bike rides;
- small villages where people still greet each other;
- secluded beaches with waves for you to tame and beautiful wooden pathways to wander along;
- strong blowing winds;
- walks by the sea;
- rivers for singular trips;
- family fun that will  linger in the memory;
- cosy reading nooks;
- safe and comfortable rooms;
- dreamy balcony sunsets;
- unforgettable wine;
- seasonal and local honest food;
- sincere smiles, even if hiding;
We promise to take good care of you.

 To the question: “Is it safe?” we answer:” It’s Clean&Safe”. Our Covid-19 prevention protocol has been approved by the Portuguese Tourism Authority and we can proudly display the Clean&Safe stamp of approval. 

In addition to this recognition, we can also proudly display the "Safe Travels" stamp. Launched by the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) and recognized by Portuguese Tourism Authority, it is a global safety stamp for tourism companies that adopt safety and hygiene protocols in order to enhance safe travel. This is our commitment.

For more informations related to preventive measures please check out the PDF. 
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